4th day at the gym today!! Feelsssss great to be back!!! (Gained 2lbs during the holidays)

105 squats done today

2000 squats in 20 days!!! Yay for me!!!

Is there anyone doing the 2000 squat challenge besides me???

1800/2000 squats


Went to the park with my co-workers today, had a great time.. =)

Haven’t been eating healthy for the past week and haven’t been running but l will definitely get back on track..

Squat challenge is almost done!! 1700/2000 yay me!!

Had a great Monday! Wohoo!!

-walked during lunch time
-ate healthy meals
-walked again in the evening
-100 squats

Not enough exercise but hey it’s something..

-jog this evening

I can’t wait to finish the squat challenge. Half way there!!

-100 squats
-5lbs dumbbells

Went to the park to jog.. Unfortunately, it rained.. I know that the weather is not an excuse but don’t want to get sick.. Tomorrow’s weather forecast should be sunny, l can’t wait to feel like l can run foreveeerrr!!

Must do this!!

Did my squats and jog with friends this evening!!

Was feeling a bit upset about something earlier.. But after the jog.. Booommmm it disappeared!! Yay me!! Let’s all work hard!!

200 squats for yesterday and today
Jog this afternoon

-packed some clothes for my vacay
-went to see some friends

What a way to end my Sunday!! Felt great! Mission accomplished!! Tomorrow again!

100/2000 squats!!! 1st day done!! Bring it ooonn!!

Didn’t jog today but did lift weights..