Just got home from my hot yoga class!!! The instructor included some vinyasa poses, WOW!!!

Time for some squats and weight lifting!!

I can feel my body starting to ache but l will keep on going!! Let’s go!!!

Enjoy your Saturday, tumblr!!

Happy Sunday!!

-hot yoga for 75 minutes (arm balances: must practice some mooorrreee)
-slow walking for an hour and a half (enjoyed the weather outside)
-50 squats
-100 lifts on each arm

Yahooooo!! Now, off to take a shower!!

Hello, ladies and gents! Bonsoir a tous!!

So, here’s the recap of today..

Hot yoga for 75minutes
20 mins of walking
50 squats
100 lifts on each arm with 5lbs dumbbells

Had a great day!! Hopefully, my day tomorrow will be as productive and fun..

Enjoyed my hot yoga class.. Yess!! Whey protein shake right after..

Time for lunch..

I’ll do my squats later and my weight lifting..

How are you guys doing?? Don’t forget to do your workout and eat healthy!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

And so l’ve done my squats today!!! Yeheeeeyyy!

100 on each arm as well!! Time to enjoy looking at those fitspo pictures and off to lala-laaaannnnddd..

Hot yoga at 11am..

Tried this pose during my hot yoga class.. Oooooohh, l was shaking a lot!!! More practice!!!!

Tried this pose during my hot yoga class.. Oooooohh, l was shaking a lot!!! More practice!!!!

I attended my hot yoga class today. Must practice more to improve my arm balance poses.. Any advice???

I’m off to enjoy the nice weather outside.. Let’s go!!!

Bikram yoga

My friends and I are officially hooked with Bikram yoga. Not only did we get a special deal, we also love going and actually enjoy every class. So, what is not to love about hot yoga? We have been doing it for a month now and the results are amazing. Hot yoga helps with toning our bodies, it stretches our muscles and is great for posture too..

I am not feeling well now but will definitely try my best to get to my hot yoga class tomorrow morning.. It will be a bummer if I miss it..

Any hot yoga lovers here?